Sitaram Chamarty <> writes:

>     # all reflog entries that are not on a branch, tag, or remote
>     d1 = !gitk --date-order $(git log -g --pretty=%H) --not --branches --tags 
> --remotes
>     # all dangling commits not on a branch, tag, or remote
>     d2 = !gitk --date-order $(git fsck | grep "dangling.commit" | cut -f3 -d' 
> ') --not --branches --tags --remotes
> (Apologies if something like this was already said; I was not following
> the discussion closely enough to notice)


A potential problem is that the output from "log -g --pretty=%H" or
"fsck | grep dangling" may turn out to be humongous.  Other than
that, they correctly compute what you want.
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