Stefan Beller <> writes:

> Also I'd like to propose a small technical change:
> I found no easy way to get a subset of files in a specific directory,
> which is very easy in the shell version via * (rm 
> file/in/dir/startswithprefix-*),
> So maybe instead of just prefixing the temporary files such as:
> $PACKDIR/.tmp-$PID-pack-*

If it's just a prefix, you can iterate over the full list of files, and
then use prefixcmp(...) to find the right files. May seem inefficient,
but AFAIK it's how the shell does wildcard expansion.

You should be carefull that if the operation is interrupted, the next
"git gc" must remove all the garbage, so if you change the naming
convention, you must also change the place where the cleanup is done.

Matthieu Moy
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