Jeff King <> writes:

> lookup does not.  It hits an assert() that can only be triggered in the
> face of duplicate objects. For example:
>   $ git cat-file -t 4ea4acbcb0930ac42acc87a0d203864dec1a9697
>   commit
>   $ GIT_USE_LOOKUP=1 git cat-file -t 4ea4acbcb0930ac42acc87a0d203864dec1a9697
>   git: sha1-lookup.c:222: sha1_entry_pos: Assertion `lov < hiv' failed.
>   Aborted

Older versions of JGit used to put duplicate objects in a pack, and
IIRC Shawn declared that a bug in the packer and fixed it, so from
that point of view, I think rejecting is probably the right thing,
even though I think warning and continuing is also acceptable and
indeed may be better.
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