On 2013-08-15 12:35, John Keeping wrote:
>>>> Just a follow-up, I tried it within the "bash"ish shell
>>>> included in the git install and got the same error regarding
>>>> "/tmp/report.tmp".
>>> It seems that report.tmp is something that SVN creates and for
>>> some reason the svn on your system is trying to create it in a
>>> Unix style temporary directory.
>>> What happens if you export TMPDIR=C:/Windows/Temp before running
>>> git-svn?
>> Still getting the same results.
> This should be TMPDIR - note the missing 'E'!

I wish I could blame it on my doofus mistype, but I tried the same 4
operations as my previous email, using "TMPDIR" this time instead of
"TEMPDIR" but got the same errors regarding "/tmp/report.tmp".

> You may also need to "export TMPDIR" but I don't know how cmd.exe
> decides what environment variables to export to subprocesses.

>From my understanding/experimentation, cmd.exe acts as if all
environment variables are exported all the time (i.e., there is no
such thing as a "local" non-exported environment variable).

Any further ideas to try?



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