Antoine Pelisse <> writes:

> I was actually wondering when it's better to use xread() over
> read_in_full()?

When the caller wants to do more control over a read that may have
to loop.  For example, this loop in builtin/index-pack.c::fill()

        do {
                ssize_t ret = xread(input_fd, input_buffer + input_len,
                                sizeof(input_buffer) - input_len);
                if (ret <= 0) {
                        if (!ret)
                                die(_("early EOF"));
                        die_errno(_("read error on input"));
                input_len += ret;
                if (from_stdin)
                        display_throughput(progress, consumed_bytes + 
        } while (input_len < min);

cannot be replaced blindly with read_in_full() because (1) the
caller wants to do the "display_throughput()" part in the loop, and
(2) the caller wants to fill at least "min" bytes but can happily
accept to read more up to the size of the input_buffer.
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