Am 20.08.2013 17:16, schrieb Antoine Pelisse:
I was actually wondering when it's better to use xread() over
read_in_full() ? Considering that we don't know if xread() will read
the whole buffer or not, would it not be better to always use
read_in_full() ?

Of course, you know whether the whole buffer was filled: xread() returns the number of bytes read. Same for xwrite().

I guess there is a drawback to this, but I'm not
exactly sure what it is.

The disadvantage of read_in_full() is that it can happen that it reads data from the stream successfully, but then reports an error. In this case, the data read is lost.

Analogously, when write_in_full() writes (some) data successfully, but ultimately fails, you don't know how much was written successfully.

-- Hannes

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