Stefan Beller <> writes:

>>> +static int delta_base_offset = 1;
>>> +char *packdir;
>> Does this have to be global?
> We could pass it to all the functions, making it not global.

Sorry for being unclear; I meant "not static".  It is perfectly fine
for this to be a file-scope static.

>>> +
>>> +           if (!file_exists(mkpath("%s/%s.keep", packdir, fname)))
>>> +                   string_list_append_nodup(fname_list, fname);
>> mental note: this is getting names of non-kept packs, not all packs.
> I should document that. ;)

Rather, consider giving the function a better name, perhaps?

>>> +   while (strbuf_getline(&line, out, '\n') != EOF) {
>>> +           if (line.len != 40)
>>> +                   die("repack: Expecting 40 character sha1 lines only 
>>> from pack-objects.");
>>> +           strbuf_addstr(&line, "");
>> What is this addstr() about?
> According to the documentation of strbufs, we cannot assume to have sane 
> strings, but anything.

Sorry, I do not get this.  What is a sane string and what is an
insane string?  sb->buf[sb-len] is always terminated with a NUL
when strbuf_getline() returns success, isn't it?
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