Eric Sunshine <> writes:

> Recent mailing list discussion [2][3] suggests that changes at a more
> fundamental level (if they pan out) would be a more appropriate approach
> to resolving this bug.  Such an approach would (happily) make patch 2/2
> unnecessary, however, I'm posting this series for posterity since it was
> already written before [2][3].

Fair enough.

In the meantime, given the reaction from Peff, I am tempted to
squash your "work around in the caller side" as a fix to 2eac2a4c
(ls-files -k: a directory only can be killed if the index has a
non-directory, 2013-08-15) and squash in the patch to run "ls-files
-k" with "-c core.ignorecase=true" to 3c568751 (t3010: update to
demonstrate "ls-files -k" optimization pitfalls, 2013-08-15). That
way, the eventual fix of not adding '/' at the end do not have to
revert the changes to the caller, and the tests added to t3010 by
the latter will be "optimization pitfalls" as before.


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