> I wonder if this longer wall of text (added in 13be3e31, 2010-01-29)
> is too aggressive.
> It is the only piece of advice that I explicitly disable in
> ~/.gitconfig, so I haven't looked at it again for a while.  Since
> then, the usual stream of questions about how to recover from people
> who accidentally detached HEAD has still been showing up in #git, so I
> don't think the message succeeded in its purpose.

I like the message :-) But of course without really knowing how a
"detached HEAD" looks like in the object store, people might feel
unsure about what to do next.

>       grep "no branch" Documentation/user-manual.txt
> finds two other instances of that message, which this branch doesn't
> touch.  One is about a bisection, where (no branch) is pretty close
> to the actual message ('(no branch, bisect started on master)').
> The other is about submodules.  Here's a patch for potential squashing
> in that corrects it.

Thanks for spotting this!

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