Eric Sunshine <> writes:

> ... A
> follow-up series [2] fixes both directory_exists_in_index() and
> directory_exists_in_index_icase() to be more liberal in what they
> accept, relieving the caller of the burden. By the time that series
> was posted, however, Junio and Peff had decided that a fix at a more
> fundamental level would be better (a conclusion with which I agree,

Thanks for a summary; the last "would be better" is a qualified one,

My understanding is that we agreed that it would be better *if* we
can fix it at a more fundamental level. I looked at the codepaths
involved just enough to make that off the cuff suggestion and no
deeper than that, and I suspect neither did Peff.

If any of us looked at the problem deep enough, we may realize that
it would affect too many things, and $gmane/232833/focus=232835
(your second round) may turn out to be a better solution.  I think
none of us know yet.

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