> But this will not work if there is no change between the current
> branch and its upstream. Always report upstream tracking info
> even if there is no difference, so that "git status" is consistent
> for checking tracking info for current branch. E.g.
>     $ git status
>     # On branch feature1
>     # Your branch is identical to 'github/feature1'.
>     ...
>     $ git status -bs
>     ## feature1...github/feature1
>     ...
>     $ git checkout feature1
>     Already on 'feature1'
>     Your branch is identical to 'github/feature1'.
>     ...

nitpicking, but shouldn't this be worded as "up to date" rather than 
"identical" ?

The reason is that identical gives the idea that the two branch happen to be on 
the same
commit wheras "up to date" gives the idea that there is a special relationship 
these two particular branches. We are not just listing all branches on the same
commit as us, we are actively telling you about this branch because it's 
to you.
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