2013/8/26 Jeremy Rosen <jeremy.ro...@openwide.fr>:
> nitpicking, but shouldn't this be worded as "up to date" rather than 
> "identical" ?
> The reason is that identical gives the idea that the two branch happen to be 
> on the same
> commit wheras "up to date" gives the idea that there is a special 
> relationship between
> these two particular branches. We are not just listing all branches on the 
> same
> commit as us, we are actively telling you about this branch because it's 
> interesting
> to you.

That's better. I want to use 'up to date' in the beginning, but I don't know
which prep. should be used. Now I realize I should:

    s/identical to/up to date with/

Jiang Xin
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