I've noticed that Git by default puts long output through "less" as a
pager.  I don't like that, but this is not the time to change
established behavior.  But while tracking that down, I noticed that
the paging behavior is controlled by at least 5 things:

the -p/--paginate/--no-pager options
the GIT_PAGER environment variable
the PAGER environment variable
the core.pager Git configuration variable
the build-in default (which seems to usually be "less")

There is documentation in git.1 and git-config.1, and the two are not
coordinated to make it clear what happens in all cases.  And the
built-in default is not mentioned at all.

What is the (intended) order of precedence of specifiers of paging
behavior?  My guess is that it should be the order I've given above.

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