Dale R. Worley wrote:

> That's true, but it would change the effect of using "cat" as a value:
> "cat" as a value of DEFAULT_PAGER would cause git_pager() to return
> NULL, whereas now it causes git_pager() to return "cat".  (All other
> places where "cat" can be a value are translated to NULL already.)
> This is why I want to know what the *intended* behavior is, because we
> might be changing Git's behavior, and I want to know that if we do
> that, we're changing it to what it should be.  And I haven't seen
> anyone venture an opinion on what the intended behavior is.

I don't really follow.

For all practical purposes, "cat" is equivalent to no pager at all,
no?  And the git-var(1) manpage describes the intended order of
precedence, as far as I can tell, except that it was written before
v1.7.4-rc0~76^2 (allow command-specific pagers in pager.<cmd>,
2010-11-17) which forgot to update some documentation.

Suggested wording for improving the documentation or its organization
would of course be welcome.  And I agree with Matthieu that the name
of the pager_program global variable is needlessly confusing ---
perhaps it should be called config_pager_program or similar.

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