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On 28/08/13 03:10, Ron Tregaskis - NOAA Federal wrote:
> Does git work with Eclipse?
> Ron
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Eclipse does have git integration courtesy of the EGit plugin. At
$dayjob most of us are running eclipse 3.7 a.k.a "Indigo". When we
started with an earlier eclipse version we had to install the git plugin
manually but these days it's bundled with the CDT release [1] (and I
assume most other flavours of eclipse[2]).

EGit is built on JGit which sometimes lags behind the core git in terms
of features. But for the majority of users you won't notice. I still use
core git for most of my day-to-day work but plenty of others do
everything from within eclipse.

I've also found that Eclipse's affinity for svn-like vcses doesn't
always line up with the git/dvcs way of doing things but that seems to
get better with each release.

Hope that helps,
- C

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[2] -
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