Am 8/28/2013 10:32, schrieb Matthieu Moy:
> Historically, "git status" needed to prefix each output line with '#' so
> that the output could be added as comment to the commit message. This
> prefix comment has no real purpose when "git status" is ran from the
> command-line, and this may distract users from the real content.
> Allow the user to disable this prefix comment. In the long run, if users
> like the non-prefix output, it may make sense to flip the default value
> to true.
> Obviously, status.displayCommentChar applies to "git status" but is
> ignored by "git commit", so the status is still commented in
> Signed-off-by: Matthieu Moy <>
> ---
> As a beginner (long ago), I found this comment-prefixed output really
> weird. I got used to it,...

You have my sympathy.

How does your solution work when dirty submodules are involved and
submodule status is included?

> +test_expect_success 'status with status.displayCommentChar=false' '
> +     "$PERL_PATH" -pi -e "s/^\# //; s/^\#$//; s/^#\t/\t/" expect &&

Perl's -i does not work on Windows when no backup file extension is given.
Therefore, please use a temporary file or "... -pi.bak ..."

> +     git -c status.displayCommentChar=false status >output &&
> +     test_i18ncmp expect output
> +'

-- Hannes
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