Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <> writes:
> > +'edit'::
> > +
> > +Manually edit the staging area (as a diff).
> > +
> That sounds interesting. It reminds me "git add --edit", but they are
> different ('stage edit' edits the patch with HEAD, 'add --edit' edits
> the patch with the worktree).

That's not the only difference; 'add --edit' is incremental.

> Can we find a consistent user-interface where "git add --edit" and "git
> stage edit" have a closer syntax? Maybe "git stage edit --work" as a
> synonym for "git add --edit"?

Well, the action is adding changes to the staging area. To me, I'm not editing
the stage, I'm editing the change I'm adding to the stage, so 'git stage
--edit' is perfectly fine.

Felipe Contreras
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