Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Felipe Contreras <> writes:
> > +--------
> > +
> > +With no arguments, it's a synonym for linkgit:git-add[1].
> This would not be very useful since "git add" errors out when called
> without arguments ;-).


> The accurate description of your code would be closer to "When the first
> argument is not a subcommand, it's a synonym for linkgit:git-add[1].".
> I'm not sure I like it, as it creates ambiguities (e.g. need to spell
> "git stage -- diff" to add a file called "diff". Not a strong objection
> though, as we already have refs Vs filename ambiguities in many places.

Yes, I thought really hard about this, but I think it's the best alternative.
In adition, we could stat to see if there's a file with the same name as the
assumed subcommand, and warn about the ambiguity, and the recommended way to
add the file.

Felipe Contreras
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