Am 8/30/2013 7:00, schrieb Felipe Contreras:
> So that it's possible to remove certain refs from the list without
> removing the objects that are referenced by other refs.
> For example this repository:
>   * 374e8dd (crap) crap
>   * 4cbbf7b (test) two
>   * d025ae0 (HEAD, master) one
> When using '--branches --except crap':
>   * 4cbbf7b (test) two
>   * d025ae0 (HEAD, master) one
> But when using '--branches --not crap' nothing will come out.

I like the idea to be able to exclude refs from listings. My use-case is
the following:

To unclutter 'git branch' output, I rename work-in-progress branches to
begin with "wip/", ready-to-merge branches do not carry this prefix. To
inspect unmerged work of the latter kind of branches I would like to
type... what?

  gitk --branches --except --branches=wip --not master
  gitk --branches --not master --except --branches=wip

Would one of these work with your current patch?

-- Hannes
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