Am 8/30/2013 8:32, schrieb Junio C Hamano:
> If you have a history where
>  - branches "master" and "maint" point at commit A;
>  - branch "next" points at commit B that is a descendant of A; and
>  - there are tags X and Y pointing at commits that are ahead of B
>    or behind A
> i.e.
>       ----X----A----B----Y
> what are the desired semantics for these?

I think the simplest were that --except trumps everything and means
"whatever else I say, do as if I did not mention the following".

>  (1) --branches --except maint

=> master next

>  (2) --all --not --branches --except maint

=> X Y --not master next

>  (3) ^master next --except maint

=> ^master next

What should the following mean? Does --not forget that --except was
earlier on the command line?

(4) Y next --except master next --not --branches

this => Y --not maint
or this => Y --not maint master next

What about this:

(5) --branches --except ^master

this => maint next
or this => maint master next ^master
or error("--except does not allow negated revisions")

-- Hannes
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