I am not quite sure what your concern is.

Anyway - I don't think you are any more restricted with this change than 
before. If you currently work on a topic branch, and the same branch exists on 
the chosen remote, then this branch will be the default one to push to. 

BR Jørgen Edelbo

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Am 9/2/2013 10:54, schrieb Joergen Edelbo:
> Changes done:
> Remove selection of branches to push - push always HEAD.
> This can be justified by the fact that this far the most common thing 
> to do.

What are your plans to support a topic-based workflow? "Far the most common 
thing to happen" is that someone forgets to push completed topics.
With this change, aren't those people forced to relinguish their current work 
because they have to checkout the completed topics to push them?

-- Hannes
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