On 06-09-2013 23:49, Phil Hord wrote:
Can you think of a sane way to separate the "from" and the "to" branches in
the GUI?  I mean, I would like to push "HEAD" and I would like it to
go to "refs/for/frotz-2.0".

My first attemt at this change was to do do exactly that: always push HEAD, and being able to specify the destination branches. If it was a Gerrit review server, it would replace refs/heads/... with refs/for/...

However, it is now clear, that we have to support specifying the branches to push.

My next thought was: could we add an entry to the list of branches to push, meaning "omit the branch specs in the command". Then it should just perform a "git push <remote>". What was then pushed would depend on the push configuration for the remote. In the Gerrit case we could then have:
  push = HEAD:refs/for/master, or whatever.

The drawback of this solution is that the UI is not so intuitive and it would not support the case where you would want to push your branch frotz to refs/for/master/frotz, which is the way you specify a topic in Gerrit. The current solution supports this.

What remains to support is the case where you work on a detached HEAD. Most of it should be straight forward. The gui knows we are in detached state, so in this case, a "HEAD" entry could be added to the list of branches. The question is just: to which branch to push to in the non Gerrit case? Perhaps the ref specs could just be left out in this case.

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