Richard Hansen <> writes:

>  def do_export(parser):
> -    global parsed_refs, dirname
> +    global parsed_refs, dirname, transports

As this has been acked by Felipe who knows the script the best, I'll
apply this directly to 'master'.

These additions of "global transports" however have trivial
interactions with fc/contrib-bzr-hg-fixes topic Felipe posted
earlier, which I was planning to start merging down to 'next' and
then to 'master'.  Most funcions merely use the variable without
assigning, so "global transports" can be removed, in line with the
spirit of 641a2b5b (remote-helpers: cleanup more global variables,
2013-08-28), except for the obvious initialisation in main(), I
think.  Please double check the conflict resolution result in a
commit on 'pu' with

    git show 'origin/pu^{/Merge fc/contrib-bzr}'

when I push the result out.


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