Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:

> Richard Hansen <rhan...@bbn.com> writes:
>>  def do_export(parser):
>> -    global parsed_refs, dirname
>> +    global parsed_refs, dirname, transports
> As this has been acked by Felipe who knows the script the best, I'll
> apply this directly to 'master'.
> These additions of "global transports" however have trivial
> interactions with fc/contrib-bzr-hg-fixes topic Felipe posted
> earlier, which I was planning to start merging down to 'next' and
> then to 'master'.  Most funcions merely use the variable without
> assigning, so "global transports" can be removed, in line with the
> spirit of 641a2b5b (remote-helpers: cleanup more global variables,
> 2013-08-28), except for the obvious initialisation in main(), I
> think.  Please double check the conflict resolution result in a
> commit on 'pu' with
>     git show 'origin/pu^{/Merge fc/contrib-bzr}'
> when I push the result out.
> Thanks.

Ping?  I'd like to merge fc/contrib-bzr.hg-fixes topic to 'next'
(and fast track it to 'master' after that), and it would be helpful
to get an Ack on the conflict resolution I have.

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