Johannes Sixt <> writes:

> Am 12.09.2013 16:13, schrieb Torsten Bögershausen:
>> On 2013-09-12 11.12, Jiang Xin wrote:
>>> +static int have_same_root(const char *path1, const char *path2)
>>> +{
>>> +   int is_abs1, is_abs2;
>>> +
>>> +   is_abs1 = is_absolute_path(path1);
>>> +   is_abs2 = is_absolute_path(path2);
>>> +   return (is_abs1 && is_abs2 && !strncasecmp(path1, path2, 1)) ||
>>                                        ^^^^^^^^^^^
>> I wonder: should strncasecmp() be replaced with strncmp_icase() ?
> I don't think so: On POSIX, it is irrelevant, because the call will only
> compare a slash to a slash. On Windows, it compares the drive letters
> (or a slash); it is *always* case-insensitive, even if the volume
> mounted is NTFS with case-sensitivity enabled and core.ignorecase is false.

Ah, you are right, of course.  We could even do

        tolower(path1[0]) == tolower(path2[0])

which might be more explicit.

For systems that need POSIX escape hatch for Apollo Domain ;-), we
would need a bit more work.  When both path1 and path2 begin with a
double-dash, we would need to check if they match up to the next
slash, so that

 - //host1/usr/src and //host1/usr/lib share the same root and the
   former can be made to ../src relative to the latter;

 - //host1/usr/src and //host2/usr/lib are of separate roots.

or something.

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