2013/9/13 Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>:
> Jiang Xin <worldhello....@gmail.com> writes:
>> 2013/9/13 Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>:
>>> For systems that need POSIX escape hatch for Apollo Domain ;-), we
>>> would need a bit more work.  When both path1 and path2 begin with a
>>> double-dash, we would need to check if they match up to the next
>>> slash, so that
>>>  - //host1/usr/src and //host1/usr/lib share the same root and the
>>>    former can be made to ../src relative to the latter;
>>>  - //host1/usr/src and //host2/usr/lib are of separate roots.
>>> or something.
>> But how could we know which platform supports network pathnames and
>> needs such implementation.
> Near the end of
> http://pubs.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/9699919799/basedefs/V1_chap04.html#tag_04_12
> is this:
>     If a pathname begins with two successive <slash> characters, the
>     first component following the leading <slash> characters may be
>     interpreted in an implementation-defined manner, although more than
>     two leading <slash> characters shall be treated as a single <slash>
>     character.
> Two points to note are
>  (1) Only paths that begin with exactly two slashes are special.
>  (2) As it is "implementation-defined", we are not even allowed to
>      treat that //host1/usr/src and //host1/usr/lib as sharing "the
>      same root", and make the former to ../src relative to the
>      latter.
> So in the strictest sense, we do not have to bother. As long as we
> make sure we do not molest anything that begins with exactly two
> slashes.

I have checked the behavior of UNC path on Windows (msysGit):

* I can cd to a UNC path:

    cd //server1/share1/path

* can cd to other share:

    cd ../../share2/path

* and can cd to other server's share:

    cd ../../../server2/share/path

That means relative_path(path1, path2) support UNC paths out of the box.
We only need to check both path1 and path2 are UNC paths, or both not.

So, funciton “have_same_root" will write like this:

+static int have_same_root(const char *path1, const char *path2)
+       int is_abs1, is_abs2;
+       is_abs1 = is_absolute_path(path1);
+       is_abs2 = is_absolute_path(path2);
+       if (is_abs1 && is_abs2) {
+               if (is_unc_path(path1) ^ is_unc_path(path2))
+                       return 0;
+               return tolower(path1[0]) == tolower(path2[0]);
+       } else {
+               return !is_abs1 && !is_abs2;
+       }

Jiang Xin
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