Sebastian Schuberth <> writes:

> I'm not too happy with the wording either. As I see it, even on MinGW
> runtime version 4.0 it's not true that "string.h has _only_ inline
> definition of strcasecmp"; there's also "#define strncasecmp
> _strnicmp" which effectively provides a non-inline definition of
> strncasecmp aka _strnicmp.

I do not get this part.  Sure, string.h would have definitions of
things other than strcasecmp, such as strncasecmp.  So what?

Does it "effectively" provide a non-inline definition of strcasecmp?

Perhaps the real issue is that the header file does not give an
equivalent "those who want to take the address of strcasecmp will
get the address of _stricmp instead" macro, e.g.

        #define strcasecmp _stricmp

or something?
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