Eugene Sajine <> writes:

>> So even if we feed the exit status of the service process to the
>> hook script specified by the --post-service-hook, it does not tell
>> the script if the service "succeeded" in that sense.
> I see what you're saying.
> In my particular use case I can work around that service status
> because even if it failed it will just trigger Jenkins to poll and in
> case of failure to transfer data there will be no new changes for
> Jenkins to work with. If we would want the --post-service-hook to know
> that data transfer succeeded or failed, then may be there should be
> some difference between "service status" and "service process status"?
> In this case the existing logic works with "service process status"
> while the --post-service-hook is fed with the "service status" (or
> name it "data transfer status")
> Do i make any sense?

Almost; you missed that there is no channel to pass "data transfer
status" from the service back to the daemon.
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