We are serving repos in closed netwrok via git protocol. We are using
git-daemon access hook (thank you very much for such a great feature)
in order to create push notifications for Jenkins.
I.e. upon the push the access-hook is called and then the curl command
is created and executed. As we have several instances of Jenkins, that
we need to notify (three), the execution of the access-hook can take
some time.

Sometimes we have a situation when the whole chain works fine but
Jenkins git plugin doesn't recognize the changes. I think it happens
because we hit a kind of race condition:

1. Incoming push triggers access-hook
2. notify jenkins 1
3. notify jenkins 2
4. jenkins 1 polls repo but sees no changes
5. notify Jenkins 3
6. the push data transfer finishes - consequent pushes will find
changes w/o any problem

The question is:

Is there a way to avoid that?
Is it possible to have access-hook to be executed after receive?
Is it possible to introduce a parameter that would specify if it needs
to be executed before receive or after?

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