> When looking into this, I found a test in t5510 that appears to want to
> verify this very behavior:
>> test_expect_success 'fetch --prune --tags does not delete the 
>> remote-tracking branches' '

The title tells me that it wants to make sure when pruning tags it does
not touch remote-tracking branches under refs/remotes/origin/, I think.

>>       cd "$D" &&
>>       git clone . prune-tags &&
>>       cd prune-tags &&
>>       git fetch origin refs/heads/master:refs/tags/sometag &&
>>       git fetch --prune --tags origin &&
>>       git rev-parse origin/master &&
>>       test_must_fail git rev-parse somebranch
>> '
> However, the last line seems to contain a copy-paste error and should
> presumably have s/somebranch/sometag/.

I agree that somebranch must be sometag, as it wants to make sure
that --prune --tags removes the tag the other side does not have.

I also agree that the documentation is misstated; "remote-tracking branch"
may have been a convenient and well understood phrase for whoever wrote
that part, but the --prune is designed to cull extra refs in the
hierarchies into
which refs would be fetched if counterparts existed on the other side, so
culling tags that do not exist on the remote side should also be described.
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