On Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 09:22:32AM -0400, Marc Branchaud wrote:

> >If we instead moved to a default fetch refspec more like:
> >
> >   [remote "origin"]
> >   fetch = +refs/*:refs/remotes/origin/refs/*
> I'm all for such a change.
> You no doubt recall the lengthy discussion about remote ref
> namespaces back in 2011 [1].  That arose while planning for 1.8, but
> my feeble recollection is that the change was considered too
> disruptive.  It seems 2.0 would be a better home for such work.

I do recall the discussion, though I did not review all of the
complications before writing this most recent mail.

I assume there are backwards compatibility issues lurking, and we may
even need a config switch to flip between old-style and new-style modes
(and leave it set to old-style at first, wait a while for people to have
a git that understands both, and then flip the default to new-style).

However, none of that is for Git 2.0. I do not think we have an exact
date set for Git 2.0, but we already have several switches ready to be
flipped.  I think Junio's plan was to do it sooner rather than later,
and not try to cram a bunch of last-minute compatibility breakages in.

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