On 13.09.13 06:55, Jiang Xin wrote:
> 2013/9/13 Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>:
>> For systems that need POSIX escape hatch for Apollo Domain ;-), we
>> would need a bit more work.  When both path1 and path2 begin with a
>> double-dash, we would need to check if they match up to the next
>> slash, so that
>>  - //host1/usr/src and //host1/usr/lib share the same root and the
>>    former can be made to ../src relative to the latter;
>>  - //host1/usr/src and //host2/usr/lib are of separate roots.
>> or something.
> But how could we know which platform supports network pathnames and
> needs such implementation.
Similar to the has_dos_drive_prefix:

For Windows/Mingw we do like this

#define has_dos_drive_prefix(path) (isalpha(*(path)) && (path)[1] == ':')

And all other platforms defines has_dos_drive_prefix() to be 0 here
#ifndef has_dos_drive_prefix
#define has_dos_drive_prefix(path) 0

#define has_unc_path_prefix(path) ((path)[0] == '/' && (path)[1] == '/')
(Or may be)
#define has_unc_path_prefix(path) (is_dir_sep((path)[0])   && 

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