2013/9/18 Johannes Sixt <j...@kdbg.org>:
> Am 17.09.2013 10:24, schrieb Jiang Xin:
>> I have checked the behavior of UNC path on Windows (msysGit):
>> * I can cd to a UNC path:
>>     cd //server1/share1/path
>> * can cd to other share:
>>     cd ../../share2/path
>> * and can cd to other server's share:
>>     cd ../../../server2/share/path
>> That means relative_path(path1, path2) support UNC paths out of the box.
>> We only need to check both path1 and path2 are UNC paths, or both not.
> Your tests are flawed. You issued the commands in bash, which (or rather
> MSYS) does everything for you that you need to make it work. But in
> reality it does not, because the system cannot apply .. to //server/share:
> $ git ls-remote //srv/public/../repos/his/setups.git
> fatal: '//srv/public/../repos/his/setups.git' does not appear to be a
> git repository
> fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
> Please make sure you have the correct access rights
> and the repository exists.
> even though the repository (and //srv/public, let me assure) exists:
> $ git ls-remote //srv/repos/his/setups.git
> bea489b0611a72c41f133343fdccbd3e2b9f80b5        HEAD
> ...

After see this link (provided by Torsten):


I find the following commands could work:

    $ git ls-remote //srv/repos/his/setups.git
    $ git ls-remote //srv/repos/his/../his/setups.git
    $ git ls-remote //?/UNC/srv/repos/his/setups.git
    $ git ls-remote //?/UNC/srv/repos/../repos/his/setups.git

But no luck for this one:

    $ git ls-remote //srv/repos/../repos/his/setups.git

I trace it using gdb, and find it failed in "stat()/mingw_stat()" call
of function "enter_repo" in path.c. But I can not find out why
"git ls-remote //?/UNC/srv/repos/../repos/his/setups.git" could
work (success in shell, failed in gdb).

> Please let me suggest not to scratch where there is no itch. ;) Your
> round v2 was good enough.
> If you really want to check UNC paths, then you must compare two path
> components after the the double-slash, not just one.

I have already try this (honor two path components after //)
during the reroll for patch v3. But I am not satisfied with it,
and it seems like over-engineered: Rename "have_same_root"
to "get_common_root_prefix_width", and it return -1 for no
same_root found, otherwize return the length of root_prefix_width.

Since restored the default behavior of setup.c in commit ("Use
simpler relative_path when set_git_dir"), function "relative_path"
are only used in "quote.c" and "builtin/clean.c", and two paths
provided to "relative_path" are always (I can not find exception)
relative paths. So no itch exist I think.

Jiang Xin
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