I just upgraded (via pkgsrc) from git to 1.8.4. With 1.8.4, I had
local changes in glib, did a git pull --rebase. Some of my changes
conflicted, but

$ git rebase --abort
No rebase in progress?

so somehow the usual process of amending the edit, or skipping the patch
no longer works.

I found a similar report at:

Another less important regression is that in an xterm, with I see

$ /tmp/bin/git diff 
diff --cc glib/gmain.c
index 738e69c,5aaebd0..0000000
--- a/glib/gmain.c
+++ b/glib/gmain.c
@@@ -4953,32 -4921,32 +4953,48 @@@ g_unix_signal_watch_dispatch (GSourc

but with 1.8.4, I see

$ git diff
ESC[1mdiff --cc glib/gmain.cESC[m
ESC[1mindex 738e69c,5aaebd0..0000000ESC[m
ESC[1m--- a/glib/gmain.cESC[m
ESC[1m+++ b/glib/gmain.cESC[m
ESC[36m@@@ -4953,32 -4921,32 +4953,48 @@@ESC[m 
ESC[mg_unix_signal_watch_dispatch (GSourcESC[m

(same xterm, no change of TERM in both invocations above)
git status in 1.8.4 does show red, so colour does work...

Thoughts on how to help debug?


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