Patrick Welche <> writes:

> Got it: the change between and 1.8.4 is that colour is on by
> default. If I take and git -c color.ui=always log, I see
> the same ESC codes => not a regression! I'll just have to sort my
> box out if I want colour. (The only oddity is that git status is
> correctly colourful.)

Maybe you disabled the pager for "git status"?

> (
>> If you have a bit of time, you can use "git bisect" on a clone of
>> git.git to find out the guilty commit.
> commit e5be297279e8ee8c503eb59da21ab17edc40e748
> Merge: a3bc3d0 6897a64
> but that is presumably just when the default changed
> )

It doesn't seem so.

On my box, color work just fine when piped to less, but I guess not all
pagers accept this, and perhaps a wrong value of $LESS can cause less to
reject it.

Matthieu Moy
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