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 but the posting hasn't appeared, so I'm sending this by email..]

* Matthieu Moy <vpq8uyuxjfe....@anie.imag.fr> :
Wrote on Wed, 18 Sep 2013 17:01:57 +0200:
|> * commit 21cf32279120799a766d22416be7d82d9ecfbd04
|> |    In the order of reading, this file comes between the global
|> |    configuration file (typically $HOME/.gitconfig) and the system wide
|> |    configuration file (typically /etc/gitconfig).
|> However git/config.c (git_config_early) commit accesses xdg_config
|> before user_config.  So the comments and documentation are
|> inconsistent with the code.
| It seems the commit message is wrong, indeed. But it's too late to fix
| it. OTOH, the documentation seems right to me
| (Documentation/git-config.txt). It says:

No, The commit message is also right.  xdg_config indeed comes betweeen
git_etc_gitconfig and user_config, as the commit says, I misunderstood
what the commit was saying because it says this in the reverse order.
Sorry, (nothing to see here) ---Madhu
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