On 09/20/2013 08:22 PM, Jonathan Nieder wrote:
> Hi Toralf,
> Toralf Förster wrote:
>> When run that command immediate after "git bisect start" somebody sees
>> the full commit range as defined in "git bisect start".
>> However running that command later after few git bisect steps" somebody
>> is just presented with the remaining commit interval.
>> Is this intended ?
> "git bisect visualize" is meant as a tool to pin down the culprit
> commit that produced a regression.  Sometimes after a few steps the
> problematic commit is obvious, which can save some test cycles.
> If you want to see the list of commits tested so far, "git bisect log"
> can help.  To see the entire bisection state, even outside the
> regression window, any old "gitk foo..bar" command will do --- the
> bisection state is kept in bisect/* refs that show up in blue.
> Can you say a little more about what you're trying to do?  Is the goal
> to have a nice visualization of what "git bisect log" shows?  (I'm not
> aware of any such tool, and I agree it would be a nice thing.)
I'm trying to bisect a (bastard of an) issue in fs/dcache.c of the linux
kernel. Till now I do not have a 100% reliable test scenario.

So often I do mark a commit id accidentally wrongly as bad/good.
Therefore git bisect lands into the "wrong" half. As a consequence all
subsequent bisects are senseless. Visualizing all infos from "git bisect
log" would help to see such mistakes.

<few minutes later>

Ick, and now I'm reading your mail again, tried gitk <start>..<end> -
that's what I want, thx.
I wasn't aware that gitk uses the info from BISECT_LOG :-)

Knowing this helps me to interrupt a "git bisect run ...", restarting my
KDE, continuing the bisecting later and still having the full picture of
the overall git bisect process.

Thx again for clarification.

Toralf Förster
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