Hi Toralf,

Toralf Förster wrote:

> When run that command immediate after "git bisect start" somebody sees
> the full commit range as defined in "git bisect start".
> However running that command later after few git bisect steps" somebody
> is just presented with the remaining commit interval.
> Is this intended ?

"git bisect visualize" is meant as a tool to pin down the culprit
commit that produced a regression.  Sometimes after a few steps the
problematic commit is obvious, which can save some test cycles.

If you want to see the list of commits tested so far, "git bisect log"
can help.  To see the entire bisection state, even outside the
regression window, any old "gitk foo..bar" command will do --- the
bisection state is kept in bisect/* refs that show up in blue.

Can you say a little more about what you're trying to do?  Is the goal
to have a nice visualization of what "git bisect log" shows?  (I'm not
aware of any such tool, and I agree it would be a nice thing.)

Hope that helps,
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