Matthieu Moy wrote:
> Benoit Person <> writes:

>> For now, if the tests suite is run without the fix, the new test
>> introduces an infinite loop. I am not sure if this should be handled ?
>> (a timeout of some kind maybe ?)
> If the patch fix this, then it's not a really big problem. The test
> failure is an infinite loop.

Yes, I think it's fine.

>                              That would be problematic if ran
> non-interactively, but I think it's Ok since we only run the testsuite
> manually.

Some distros (e.g., Debian) occasionally do run the testsuite
automatically, but it is still fine since they have a timeout that
varies by platform to detect if the test has stalled.  I suppose
ideally git's test harness could learn to do the same thing some day,
but for now it's easier one level above since an appropriate timeout
depends on the speed on the platform, what else is creating load on
the test machine, and other factors that are probably not easy for us
to guess.

(other tweaks snipped)

Thanks, both.
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