Signed-off-by: Felipe Contreras <>

    Now headrev and baserev become Git::Commit objects, fortunately
    'puts("#{commit}")' or 'printf("%s\n", commit) convert the commit to a 
    (commit.to_s()), which is the hex sha1, so the rest of the script doesn't 
    to be changed.

 git-request-pull.rb | 12 +++++++-----
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 5 deletions(-)

diff --git a/git-request-pull.rb b/git-request-pull.rb
index 9267147..be4947d 100755
--- a/git-request-pull.rb
+++ b/git-request-pull.rb
@@ -98,13 +98,15 @@ die "Not a valid revision: #{base}" unless baserev
 headrev = get_sha1("#{head}^0")
 die "Not a valid revision: #{head}" unless headrev
-baserev = sha1_to_hex(baserev)
-headrev = sha1_to_hex(headrev)
+baserev = Git::Commit.get(baserev)
+headrev = Git::Commit.get(headrev)
-merge_base = `git merge-base #{baserev} #{headrev}`.chomp
-die "No commits in common between #{base} and #{head}" unless $?.success?
+merge_bases = get_merge_bases([baserev, headrev], 0);
+die "No commits in common between #{base} and #{head}" unless merge_bases
-ref = get_ref(url, headref != "HEAD" ? headref : nil, headrev, tag_name)
+merge_base = sha1_to_hex(merge_bases.first.sha1)
+ref = get_ref(url, headref != "HEAD" ? headref : nil, headrev.to_s, tag_name)
 url = `git ls-remote --get-url "#{url}"`.chomp

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