maybe some people will find this useful:

based on an old mail from Daniele Segato (to be found here:
I made following .gitconfig entry:

    cherry-pick-svn =  !GIT_EDITOR='sed -i
\"s/git-svn-id:.*\\/\\(.*\\)@\\(.*\\) .*/Merged from \\1: r\\2/\"' git
cherry-pick -e

This allows me to cherry-pick changes from some branch and rewrite e.g.
  git-svn-id: http://server/repo/branch_name@43860
  Merged from branch_name: r43860

(Why: I'm using one old svn server which does not support mergeinfo. I
had a feature branch and I needed to "merge" it back to trunk. But
without mergeinfo it's no fun, so I tried using git-svn and
cherry-pick. This worked but commits had those ' git-svn-id:
http://branch_url@41986 some-hash-id' and I was not sure if dcommit
would work correctly (would it strip them and commit to trunk and not
to the branch?) and even if it would, there would be no information
that the commit was "merged" from the branch.)

Piotr Krukowiecki
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