From: "Felipe Contreras" <>
Sent: Saturday, October 12, 2013 8:24 AM

Clearly, a lot of my patches have not been reviewed properly, so even
though they are technically correct, and would benefit users, some have
specifically been requested by them, and at least one would
significantly improve Git's user interface...

Hi Filipe,

Given you have put a lot of work into your 16 patch series, is there any particular order, or grouping that would help their review.

With so many patches to consider one (the reviewer(s)) gains another task of simply trying to prioritise the patches (usually one can take big decisions by simply remebering who's series one was interested in).

I expect the clean-ups and 'trivials's' can be managed separately from the 'improvements', which would again be separate from the "satging" and "Ruby" philosophical discussions.

  they are going nowhere.
I wouldn't expect 100% success. Every now and again one hears of the "here's some patches I've had in my tree for a while" that probably had the same early frustrations - they just feel worse the more you produce.

Here is the summary, and you can also find a web version:


Thanks for the summary.

=== branch: improve verbose option ===
Felipe Contreras (2):
=== Reject non-ff pulls by default (v4) ===
Felipe Contreras (7):
=== remote-helpers: test reorganization (v2) ===
Felipe Contreras (5):
=== build: add default aliases (v3) ===
Felipe Contreras (1):
=== Add core.mode configuration (v3) ===
Felipe Contreras (1):
=== Officially start moving to the term 'staging area' ===
Felipe Contreras (14):
=== transport-helper: updates (v3) ===
Felipe Contreras (10):
=== Introduce publish tracking branch ===
Felipe Contreras (8):
=== New git-related helper (v10) ===
Felipe Contreras (15):
=== fetch: add new fetch.default configuration ===
Felipe Contreras (1):
=== Version fixes and cleanups (v4) ===
Felipe Contreras (2):
=== Trivial paches ===
Felipe Contreras (20):
=== Massive improvents to rebase and cherry-pick (v6) ===
Felipe Contreras (28):
=== Support for Ruby (v2) ===
Felipe Contreras (44):
=== revision: add --except option (v3) ===
Felipe Contreras (1):
=== sha1-name: refactor get_sha1() parsing ===
Felipe Contreras (1):
     sha1-name: refactor get_sha1() parsing
Felipe Contreras

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