Thomas Rast wrote:
> Junio C Hamano <> writes:
>> Thomas Rast <> writes:

>>> Existing gitk chokes on 'gitk -S foo', but works with 'git -Sfoo'.
>> I somehow thought that we encourage the "stuck/sticked" form, to
>> reduce things the users need to remember to cope better with options
>> with optional value.
> I just looked into this again, to get it rolling.
> Am I reading you correctly as saying that any support for the unstuck
> form is entirely coincidental, and it's okay to support only the stuck
> version in new gitk?

Sort of. :)

gitcli(7) says that the sticked form is to be preferred "when you are
scripting git".  But most git commands use parse-options, which of
course supports both forms and makes life easier for humans.

Support for just the sticked form is better than nothing, especially
if the gitk(1) manpage gains a note about it.  In the long run I guess
the ideal would be to add a parse-options-like library to the tcl

My two cents,
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