Junio C Hamano wrote:

> I'll try:
>  - slurping your integration branches,
>  - teasing the topics apart out of your 'pu',
>  - populating my rerere database to match your confict resolution,
>  - reconstructing the Meta/Reintegrate insn for 'pu', and
>  - rebuilding 'pu' to make sure the end result matches yours
> and then push the result out to the usual places

Sounds good.  The teased-apart topics can also be found at


>>  This patch preserves the old "just pass it to the shell" behavior
>>  when a single argument is passed to 'git submodule foreach' and
>>  moves to a new "skip the shell and use the arguments passed
>>  unmolested" behavior when more than one argument is passed.
> When scripts give 'echo' and '$path' (two args), does this change
> allow the 'echo' command to see the value of $path (coming from
> $sm_path), or just the not-useful-because-not-exported variable name
> '$path'?

The latter.  A quick search (web search + codesearch.debian.net)
reveals that most callers to submodule foreach either pass a script as
a single quoted argument (e.g.,

        git submodule foreach '[ "$path" = "Libraries/JSONKit" ] \
          && branch=experimental \
          || branch=master; git co $branch'

or http://sources.debian.net/src/jquery/1.7.2+dfsg-3/Makefile?hl=131#L131:

        git submodule foreach "git pull \$(git config remote.origin.url)"

) or pass a one-off command with no arguments intended for the shell
(e.g., http://sources.debian.net/src/libreoffice/1:4.1.1-1/g?hl=352#L352,

        git submodule foreach git push "$@"
        git submodule foreach git tag -s -f -F $tmp  $gittag

So I suspect this will fix more scripts than it breaks, though it may
still break some. :/

It might make sense to warn when passed multiple arguments and some
include shell metacharacters, since that's probably rare, too, except
it's punishing people who use multiple arguments as a way to avoid
quoting issues.  Probably there's no replacement for just advertising
the change loudly and seeking out scripts it could break.

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