Am 15.10.2013 22:05, schrieb Jonathan Nieder:
> Jens Lehmann wrote:
>> Am 15.10.2013 21:16, schrieb Jonathan Nieder:
>>> So I suspect this will fix more scripts than it breaks, though it may
>>> still break some. :/
>> Hmm, I'm really not sure if we should do this or not.
> What convinced me was Anders's observation that the current behavior
> can have very bad consequences if a script is passing untrusted input
> in multiple arguments to git submodule foreach.

Ok, that makes sense.

>> And maybe only change that on a major version bump where people should
>> not be terribly surprised about such a change in behavior and are more
>> likely to read release notes?
> Ok with me, but please don't make it 2.0. :)

But we don't want to wait for 3.0, no? ;-)
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