Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com> writes:
> Yoshioka Tsuneo <yoshiokatsu...@gmail.com> writes:
>> "git diff -M --stat" can detect rename and show renamed file name like
>> "foofoofoo => barbarbar". But if destination filename is long, the line
>> is shortened like "...barbarbar" so there is no way to know whether the
>> file is renamed or existed in the source commit.
> Is "destination" filename more special than the source filename?
> Perhaps "s/if destination filename is/if filenames are/"?
>       Note: I do not want you to reroll using the suggested
>       wording without explanation; it may be possible that I am
>       missing something obvious and do not understand why you
>       singled out destination, in which case I'd rather see it
>       explained better in the log message than the potentially
>       suboptimal suggestion I made in the review without
>       understanding the issue. Of course, it is possible that you
>       want to do the same when source is overlong, in which case
>       you can just say "Yeah, you're right; will reroll".
>         The above applies to all the other comments in this message.
> Also "s/source commit/original/".  You may not be comparing two
> commits after all.
>> Make sure there is always an arrow, like "...foo => ...bar".
>> The output can contains curly braces('{','}') for grouping.
> s/contains/contain/;
>> So, in general, the outpu format is "<pfx>{<mid_a> => <mid_b>}<sfx>"
> s/outpu/&t/;
>> To keep arrow("=>"), try to omit <pfx> as long as possible at first
>> because later part or changing part will be the more important part.
>> If it is not enough, shorten <mid_a>, <mid_b>, and <sfx> trying to
>> have the maximum length the same because those will be equaly important.
> A sound reasoning.

Also s/equaly/equally/;


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