Yoshioka Tsuneo <yoshiokatsu...@gmail.com> writes:

> In the "[PATCH v7]", I changed to keep filename part of suffix to handle
> above case, but not always keep directory part because I feel totally
> keeping all part of long suffix including directory name may cause output 
> like:
>     …{… => …}…ongPath1/LongPath2/nameOfTheFileThatWasMoved 
> And, above may be worse than:
>    ...{...ceDirectory => …ionDirectory}.../nameOfTheFileThatWasMoved
> I think.

I am not sure if I agree.

Losing LongPath2 part may be more significant data loss than losing
a single bit that says the change is a rename, as the latter may not
quite tell us what these two directories were anyway.
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