> From: Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>

> Now, when you say "the cwd contains the .git directory", do you mean
>       cd /repositories
>         git add ../working/trees/proj-wt1/file
> updates "file" in the /repositories/proj.git/index?  Or do you mean
> this?

The pattern I use is to have this:



        cd /repository
        git add /working/x/y/z

works as you'd expect it to.  "git rm" seems to work correctly under
these circumstances as well.

I seem to recall that using relative <path> values doesn't work under
some conditions involving symbolic links, but I can't recall the
details right now.

> you talk about starting Git command _outside_ the working tree
> (whether the working tree has its repository embedded in it is not
> very relevant).

The above pattern is what I mean, where the cwd is not within the work

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