> From: Junio C Hamano <gits...@pobox.com>

> It was unclear to me which part of our documentation needs updating
> and how, and that was (and still is) what I was primarily interested
> in finding out.

It seems to me that what is missing is a description of the
circumstances under which Git can be run.  With Subversion (the only
other source control system I know in detail), the working tree that
is operated on is at and below the cwd, and the working tree always
points to the repository.  (A subdirectory of a working tree is also a
valid working tree.)

With Git, it seems that the basic usage is that Git searches upward
from the cwd to find the top of the work tree, which is distinguished
by having a .git subdirectory.  The rules when the worktree is
detached are more complicated, and don't seem to be written in any
single place.

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