There seems to be some regression fixes regarding dos drives. The one
that caught my eyes is 7fbd422 (relative_path should honor
dos-drive-prefix - 2013-10-14) but it's not released yet. And I'm not
sure if msys branch picks it up yet even if you want to rebuild and
test it yourself. Copying Jiang Xin, maybe he can tell if that commit
should fix what you describe here, or it's a new bug.

On Sat, Oct 19, 2013 at 3:49 PM, Ain Valtin <> wrote:
> Hi
> I want to use git in a VirtualBox guest so that the repository is on
> the host drive. So in the VB settings for the guest I set up a shared
> folder "gitRepos" to /home/ain with full access rights. Then in the
> guest OS (Windows XP) I map this shared folder as G drive. Now in the
> project dir I execute
> C:\...\TPP>git init --separate-git-dir g:/TPP
> Initialized empty Git repository in g:/TPP/
> Checked, the repo structure is in the "g:/TPP/" (thus the guest OS can
> write to the mapped dir) and in the .git file created to the project
> dir there is line
> gitdir: g:/TPP
> However when tring to use the repo it fails to recognise the g:/TPP path, ie
> C:\...\TPP>git add .
> fatal: unable to access '../../../../../../g:/TPP/config': Invalid argument
> Also tryed "gitdir: //VBOXSVR/gitRepos/TPP" but this fails too:
> C:\...\TPP>git add .
> fatal: Unable to create 'C:/Documents and
> Settings/Ain/prog/AVT/TPP/../../../../../..///VBOXSVR/gitRepos/TPP/index.lock':
> No such file or directory
> Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Any idea how to get it to work?
> BTW the VB is 3.0.14 ie rather old version but it seems that this
> isn't the problem as the git init recognises the mapped drive but
> other commands fail.
> git version is 1.8.4.msysgit.0
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